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It would be very difficult to find a content, design and technical team with more experience than Smethport Web Services.

Nathan and Linda Muller have been plugged into the Internet from the very beginning — before it was called the “Internet”. Since then they have amply demonstrated their thought leadership by the 29 Internet-related books they have authored, illustrated and published with McGraw-Hill, Artech House and others, and by over 3,000 articles published in 75 publications worldwide.

Their skills are sought for producing content for websites, blogs, social media, e-newsletters, and print materials. They also have decades of solid marketing experience in corporate, municipal, non-profit, and political environments.

They design great websites for any budget and will maintain your site well after launch to keep content fresh – freeing you to focus on growing your business.

Serving customers nationwide, they’re friendly and easy to get along with too, and always glad to help with any business challenge. Best of all, they won’t disappear when you need them most. And when you want a new feature for your website, they don’t offer excuses… They just get the job done.

What we offer...

Content | Writing | Messaging | Syndication

Online Training & Testing

Databases | Front-Ends

Marketing | Branding | Advertising

Security | Problem Isolation | Prevention

Technical | Setups | Tests | Maintenance

Linda Muller introduced me to the web back in 1995 and ran the Buchanan Brigade website in two presidential campaigns, and now the official website which discusses the important issues before our Nation. With gratitude for all she has done for over two decades..."

Patrick J. Buchanan
Author & Commentator
Langley, VA

Smethport Web Services: As usual, an excellent job done perfectly! Thank you."

Chris Chapman
Supervisor, Keating Township, PA