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The most important element of any website is the content, yet it is the one most often ignored.

Whether the content is text, audio, video, images – or any combination – it must capture visitors’ attention immediately and help them make a decision to buy, learn more, or contact you.

Your investment in this intellectual property can then be leveraged for added value; specifically, by re-purposing it to extend your brand. With more distribution options available through new media – blogs, social networks, news feeds, podcasts, and YouTube to name a few – you have a much better chance of attracting new customers and building brand loyalty among existing customers.

Your content can be used to create a news feed, which you embed into your blog or website and even offer to your partners and affiliates to reach more potential customers. See an example of how your content can be used to create a news feed »

Smethport Web’s Nathan Muller has been a professional writer for over 30 years. He is the author of 29 Internet technology books and over 3,000 technical articles that have appeared in 75 newspapers, magazines and periodicals worldwide. He has a long track record of writing web content, blogs, e-newsletters, and print materials. Corporate executives trust him to write their by-lined articles that appear in legal, healthcare, management, and trade journals.

Don’t let a “cool” website design obscure your message. If you have a web project that must stand out from the crowd, the goal can be realized with thoughtfully crafted content from Smethport Web Services.

Let us help you stay top-of-mind among your target audience with compelling content that drives new business.

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"Smethport Web Services has not only delivered everything we asked for, but greatly exceeded our initial requirements. We are very pleased to have partnered with this website developer."

Linda Devlin, Executive Director
Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau