Databases and Front-Ends

Your website is a data collection machine…
How will you handle all that data?

You already use forms on your website to collect visitor information. Now you can capture that information in an online database that can be viewed in real-time through an Internet-connected Excel spreadsheet right on your desktop.

Automate data collection for easy upload to other apps

SWS sets up the database and Excel spreadsheet for you. You just post the spreadsheet as a desktop shortcut for convenient access to the database. As forms are sent in from your website, you see the submitted information added to the database through the spreadsheet on your computer.

The benefit of this approach is that it permits you to fulfill visitor requests without having to sort through a mountain of emails, then manually cut and paste contact information into a separate file or spreadsheet. A database with a front-end Excel spreadsheet will save many hours of staff time and provide a backup against lost or deleted emails.

The use of Excel to automatically collect and display database information has the added advantage of convenient uploading to other applications, such as your eNewsletter distribution list, customer relationship management system, or multimedia contact center.

There are unlimited uses for having a database with an Excel front-end, including:

  • Collect data at any location through a web browser and view it instantly – assembled in a spreadsheet the way you want it
  • Share information in real-time with branch offices, partners, and affiliates
  • Run contests that can be monitored in real-time by your marketing team and sponsor at different locations
  • Apply Excel’s graphical charting tools to help analyze the data
  • Within the live spreadsheet, email it to anyone
  • Enable faster response to data trends
  • Improve executive decision-making

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"Smethport Web Services has not only delivered everything we asked for, but greatly exceeded our initial requirements. We are very pleased to have partnered with this website developer."

Linda Devlin, Executive Director
Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau