Online Training & Testing

Self-Paced or Regulated Instruction

Customer Service, Product Knowledge, Policy Compliance, Security Awareness

Now you can offer employees online instruction on a variety of topics that are important to your business. Online training can be used to augment existing instructor-led courses, reach employees at remote offices, orient new hires and so much more. In the process, you will have a more informed workforce and save on travel costs.

The experienced instructors at SWS will develop course content for you, or adapt company documentation into an online course format. In either case, we will ensure proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. If necessary, we will ensure content clarity and logical content flow.

The following features are included in your online training program from SWS…

  • Online registration form
  • Password protected courses
  • Content organized into courses and lessons
  • Content integration: text, images, video
  • Lesson and course prerequisites
  • Individualized progress indicator
  • Email notifications of registrants, course progress and test results, program completion
  • Random sequencing of questions
  • Self pace tests: true-false, yes-no, multiple-choice, freestyle
  • Automated or manual test scoring
  • Learner database exportable to Excel spreadsheet

SWS will also ensure that content is displayed in a manner that keeps the attention of learners. For example, pages and paragraphs that appear too long may have to be tightened or broken up to help prevent fatigue or loss of interest.

We will validate the entire training program from start to finish, including pass/fail scenarios for each module of instruction.

A reporting facility will provide an administrator with an overview of content, registered students, and test scores.

SWS will manage the online program for you and monitor all processes for proper operation, or we can train your managers to take care of everything.

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Online Training & Testing

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