Has your website been hacked?

Smethport Web Services clears the problem and restores your site

Once an intruder gets into your web server, you’ve essentially lost control of a critical business asset.

An intruder can steal customer records, replace content with embarrassing statements, force visitors to unintended websites, or deface your home page with objectionable content – even use your web server to launch attacks elsewhere.

Whether you have a blog or website, isolating the cause of an attack and repairing this kind of damage takes experience and expertise that goes well beyond what most web design firms can offer. Smethport Web Services is one of the few who can…

We are experienced security experts who have worked with customers to isolate attacks, repair the damage, and stop future occurrences. We even furnish a report of our findings that includes:

  • The specific cause of the problem
  • What we did to correct the problem
  • Recommendations to prevent future occurrences

If your website has been damaged or hijacked, don’t waste time figuring out what to do next. Just contact us at 814.558.8457 or send us an email.

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Security | Problem Isolation | Prevention

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"Smethport Web Services has not only delivered everything we asked for, but greatly exceeded our initial requirements. We are very pleased to have partnered with this website developer."

Linda Devlin, Executive Director
Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau